Tadoba national park

Tadoba national park

Tadoba national park also known as Andheri Tiger reserve is a wildlife sanctuary located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, India. It is Maharashtra’s largest and oldest national park. Given its name in 1955, the reserve includes the main two parts which are Tadoba National Park and the Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary. The name Tadoba has been taken from the local God name of local tribe who used to live in the dense forest of Tadoba national park.

Fauna and Flora

Tadoba national park consists of tropical dry deciduous forest which is dominated by bamboo, bija, dhauda, hald, salai, and semal. Patches of grasses can be seen through out the reserve area. As per the latest counting more than 100 Tigers are there in Tadoba national park and apart from Tiger there are other mammals which areIndian leopards, sloth bears, Bison, nilgai, dhole, striped hyena, small Indian civet, jungle cats, sambar, barking deer, chital, chausingha and honey badger. Common reptiles here are Python, monitor lizard, star tortoise, King cobra and marsh crocodile.

More than 200 species of birds have been recorded in the reserve and famous ones are hawk eagle, goldenbacked woodpecker, orange-headed thrush, Indian peafowl and warblers.

Best time to visit is from October to June every year.
Tadoba safari zones are Moharli, Tadoba and Kolsa (These are core areas of Tadoba national park).

Weather remains slightly cold during the month of December & January.
February to June are the summer period of Tadoba and July to September is the rainy period.

The national park does not remain open from 1st July to 14th of October every year due to rainy season.

Accommodation – There are several budget to 5 star category of hotels and resorts available near to entry gate of respective safari zones.

Connectivity from other parts of India
The entry point of this park is well connected to major cities of this country.
Nearest Airports: Nagpur around 110 KMs.
Railway Stations: Chandrapur is the nearest station around 45 KMs from here.

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